April, 2016

The export batch of TM-4000/20kV transformers has been finished manufacturing.

While designing the transformers, our technicians took into account all the wishes of the customer - a major energy distribution company. In fact, during development of this newly designed transformer, the climatic features of the customer country (hot summer) has been taken into account , 7 cooling radiators was applied instead 6 radiators, standard for the execution of UHL1 - U1. The design also allows installation of 8 radiators for tropical climate, climatic performance and accommodation category  T1. Tests of the new machinery showed its high efficiency and low losses level. During April 2016 the transformers will be shipped to Kazakhstan, where 20 kV distribution networks are widely spread. The transformers of this design will also be of interest to customers in other countries where the 20 kV line spread: Europe, Middle East, North Africa, China, India, etc.