History of ELIZ company

In contrast to other enterprises of the electric industry, ELIZ Llc is not a privatized company existing since Soviet times.
ELIZ factory was established in 1990, as a business initiative of the most skilled and experienced designers and technologists who came out of leading in the transformer industry enterprises and research institutes of Zaporizhzhya.

Production base of the ELIZ LLC plant:

Products manufactured by ELIZ LLC:

We understand well that continuous development, investment and innovation is a prerequisite for working in a highly competitive market of electric products. Starting with the production of welding transformers type ТДЕ, ТДМ, the factory growing, developing, mastering a new equipment types production, increasing its power and voltage class. Now, our products range is the widest in Ukraine.
The stages of the company development (per years):

1990-1993 ~ Welding transformers ТДЕ, ТДМ types

1994 ~ Dry transformers ОСМ, ТСЗИ type, the rated power up to 6,3 kVA.

1995 ~ Starting and adjusting devices ДРЛ type; cathodic protection stations УКЗ, УКЗН, УКЗВ type.

1997 ~ Dry transformers ТСЗ series, up to 1600 kVA rated power, 6-10 kV rated voltage.

1998 ~ Converter transformers ТСЗП, ТСЗПУ type; reactors СРОСЗ, ФРОС, УРОС type.

2000 ~ Current-limiting reactors: РТСТ, РТОС, РТСТГ type.

2002 ~ Oil-immersed transformers 6,10 kV rated voltage, up to 2500 kVA rated power.

2004 ~ Power transformers up to 10 000 kVA rated power; voltage-measurement transformers НАМИ, НТМИ type.

2005 ~ Oil-immersed transformers 35 kV rated voltage, up to 16 000 kVA rated power.

2006 ~ Peterson coils РЗДПОМ (with automatic control system RCM-101), РЗДСОМ type, 6-10kV rated voltage, filters of type ФЗМО to them.

2008 ~ Dry cast transformers, up to 10kV rated voltage.

2009-2013 ~ Current measurement transformers ТФЗМ type, 35 and 110 kV rated voltage; shunt reactors РТМ 10kV rated voltage; power transformers ТРДН type 35kV rated voltage, up to 25000kVA rated power; switchgear complete switchgear type КРУ, КСО, ЩО, ЯКНО, РУВН, РУНН; measuring current transformers 6-10kV type TOЛ, TПЛ. Successful tests of TM-TMГ 6-10kV transformers with polymer insulators at Kharkovoblenergo passed. The entire production of TM-TMГ 6-10kV, up to 2500kVA, is transferred to polymer insulators manufactured by ELIZ.

Promotional video LLC "ELIZ" from 2012 (in Russian):

2014 ~ Voltage measurement transformers НКФ type, up to 220kV rated voltage; ЗНОЛ, 3*ЗНОЛ type, 6-10kV rated voltage; current measurement transformers НАМИ type, 35kV rated voltage; НАЛИ type 6,10kV rated voltage.

2015 ~ Peterson coils РЗДПОМ, РЗДСОМ type; shunt reactors РТМ type, up to 35kV rated voltage; dry cast transformers up to 20kV rated voltage; power oil-immersed transformers ТДТН type, up to 110kV rated voltage / 63 MVA rated power.

2016 ~ Current transformers ТФЗМ-170kV, power transformer of export batch TM-4000/20.

2017 ~ Current transformers ТФЗМ, TOM (ТФРМ), ТФУМ 362-765kV; TOГ (gas-insulated) 123-765kV; voltage transformers НКФ, НКФ-M, НКФA, НОГ, НКГ for the voltage of 123-525 kV, arc suppression unit AДГM (with built-in filter and automatic control system РKM-101).

2019 ~ Cables and wires.

2020 ~ Developed measuring cast current transformer TOЛ-Э-40.5 УХЛ1.