The equipment of "ELIZ" LLC. manufacture is the "golden mean" of your choice!

Our factory is certified by ISO system:
ISO 9001 - quality management system certificate
ISO 14001 - environmental management system certificate
In addition, each type of product, if necessary, has a conformity certificate of UkrSEPRO (State Standard of Ukraine).

There is also a large number of permits and certificates not only for Ukraine but for the CIS countries (Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan). Data about certificates awailability are located on the "CERTIFICATES" page.
The number of available documents (certificates, permits) is permanently growing, so if you do not find on the website the document you required, or if you find out on the site the required document, but it has expired - surely now we are just in process of getting the updated document. Please ask us a question about it, using "ASK A QUESTION" link.
In case if you didn`t found in the catalogue the products completely suitable to you requirements, but you can see, at the same time, that we produce the similar equipment (as per voltage grade, power, accuracy, application area) - please, use "ASK A QUESTION" link. We can make, on request, the necessary changes in the design of any our equipment. 
If you are not satisfied with technical solution or the estimated value of your existing project, we can make its technical audit and prepare an alternative project, solving your problem more technically competent and economically efficient. See more on this - in the "PROJECT APPRAISAL" page.