Is it possible to revise the active part of the РЗДПОМ reactor by our own forces (by our electric service) ?

To audit the active part of arc suppression (Peterson) coil, РЗДПОМ type, we should:
1. The Production facility with a hoisting mechanism of 1.5-2.0 tons.
2. The container to drain the oil from the reactor tank.
3. The tools (a list of to be agreed additionally).
4. Apparatus for pouring oil into the reactor.

The necessary actions and activities:
1. To drain 50-60l of oil out of the reactor`s tank.

2. Remove the bolts at the perimeter of the reactor (the active part is assembled on the lid of the reactor).
3. Raise the active part up, careful vertically, in order to avoid damage of its insulation.
4. After installation the reactor on flat surface, to assure in absence of a damages by visual inspection of the active part (the main control points to be agreed with tech support).
5. If there is no external damage: to connect the drive motor of the magnetic shunt to 380V power network (pre-connect the motor windings in Y).
6. To scroll the drive shaft to the limit switch (up or down) in order to determine the jamming locations.


  The above described situations and its solutions are illustrative and may not suit completely to your particular case.
  If, in your opinion, there is a discrepancy between the real characteristics of the equipment and the stated parameters, and/or if you think that when the equipment is into operation, there are signs of its abnormal mode, and/or if the purchased equipment is working properly, but it does not solve the problems standing in front of you, as well as in other cases when you require technical assistance (advice) on issues related to the operation of our products, please use the "Ask question" feature.

Our technical support team will contact you ASAP and will provide the necessary advice or, if necessary, will agree the terms for the arrival of our service engineer.