Switchgear equipment

The switchboard equipment is a load-bearing metal structures (frameworks and shell) and components for them, it is intended for reception, distribution and metering of electric power, for control, regulation, signaling, protection of power lines and equipment in the process of electrical energy production, transmission and use. The certificates of the equipment correspondence to Ukrainian national standards and IEC standards are awailable.
ELIZ LLC. produces a switchgear equipment in voltage classes up to 10kV: КРУ 6-10kV, КТП 6-10kV, РУ 1kV.
Under customers request, switchgear equipment up to 20kV voltage class can be manufactured.

The completed switchgears КРУ type, 6-10kV voltage class, are intended for work in power facilities AC 50Hz, 6 or 10 kV voltage class, in the mains with insulated or grounded through arc suppressing reactor the neutral.
The КРУ 6-10kV are applied in closed distribution boards, in particular - in power electric facilities with a frequent switching operations, at presence of cabinet with vacuum circuit breakers.
The kinds of КРУ climatic performances: УЗ and ТЗ according to GOST 15150.
The nominal values of climatic factors for use in the operating condition according to GOST 15543.1 and GOST 15150, with the ambient temperature range:
a) for УЗ performance: -5°C to +40°C (without heaters); -25°C to +40°C (with heaters mounted in the relaying cabinet);
b) for ТЗ performance: +1°C to +45°C (without heaters)); -10°C to +45°C (with heaters mounted in the relaying cabinet).
Altitude is up to 1000m.


The switchboard panels ЩО-90 are intended for input and distribution of three-phased AC 50Hz current in 0.66kV voltage class and for protection the outgoing lines of overloads and grounding short circuits. 
The shields are collected of panels and designed for service from the front side.
At two-row panels arrangement, the switchboard is equipped by busbar bridge. The distance between the panels front sides - 1500 or 2000mm.
Climatic performance - У3 as per ГОСТ 15150-69
The protection degree of the panels by ГОСТ 14254-96 - the first digit in the scheme marking
* for open performance – IP00 but IP20 from the front side.
* for closed performance – IP20 but IP00 from the bottom side.


35 kV open switchgears are designed to receive and distribute electrical energy of three-phase alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz, and are used in the construction and reconstruction of substations.
Switchgears of 35 kV are designed for outdoor installation at a height of no more than 1000 m above sea level and work in conditions corresponding to the UHL and U designs of placement category 1.


The substations are designed for income of three-phased AC 50Hz electric power with 6(10) kV rated voltage, conversion it to 0,4kV voltage power and for distribution the power for customers.
Packaged transformer substations are designed for outdoor installation and used for power supply of industrial plants, public buildings and facilities in rural areas.