Why "ELIZ" ?

We deeply respect an opinion of all the Customers and will not impose our own. Therefore, further - only the facts about the "ELIZ" factory, which will help you make the right choice. Why "Eliz"? Because:
- Closed-loop production, quality control at all stages, guarantees really high quality of our products.
- A wide range of products: transformers up to 63`000 kVA / 150 kV (power transformers) and up to 220 kV (measuring transformers), the entire spectrum of complex substations, switchgears and panel equipment up to 20kV (See "PRODUCT CATALOG") - allows you to place an order for the entire, complete set of equipment at the "ELIZ" factory and to receive a comprehensive service and support.
- "Free" design support: you can give to us just a sketch of the equipment (of how you see it), and our designers, on this basis, will create a project for your final approval.
- The possibility of technical audit ("PROJECT APPRAISAL") of projects you already have.
- Full certification of the equipment in all the necessary instances, both Ukraine and other, primarily the CIS, countries, ensures smooth commissioning.
- Most used parts, components and accessories produced also by our company, which guarantees an overall high quality level of our products manufacture.
- Rapid technical support: the "ELIZ" factory has quality and service departments, which will quickly and professionally respond to any customers problem, not even in our fault, and will offer a reasonable solution. In case of accident, the service department specialists will arrive at site urgently.