Power transformers

A power transformer is stationary device with two or more windings which transforms, by electromagnetic induction, the incoming alternating voltage and current system to another one (outgoing), which usually has a different voltage / current values at the same frequency (for security electricity) without changing its transmitted power.
Production capacity of the "Eliz" factory allows production of a wide range of power transformers: the voltage range from 0,66 to 150 kV and the power range from 0,004 to 63000 kVA.


 Oil-immersed    Voltage grade, kV The main type names Power range, kVA
6-10 ОМ, ОМП, ОМС 1,25-10
ТМ, ТМГ, ТМЗ, ТМФ, ТМЭ 25-2500
35 ТМ, ТМГ, ТМН, ТДН(С) 2500-25000
110-150 ТМН, ТДН, ТДТН 10000-63000
Dry 0,66 ОСМ, ОСТ, ОСОВ 0,005-6,3
ТС(З), ТСЗИ, ТСУ, ТСС 0,63-1000
6-10 ОС(З), ОЛС(П) 0,63-1000
ТС(З), ТС(З)П, ТС(З)ЛУ, ТС(З)Н, ТСКС 10-16000