Measurement (Instrument) transformers

The instrument transformers are an electric transformers, designed for measurement and monitoring, for example, in relaying systems of electric signals voltage, current or phase, usually AC of industrial frequency (50 or 60 Hz) in a monitored grid.
They are applied in the cases when direct connection of a measurement device is uncomfortable or impossible, for example, while measure too high currents or voltages. It is also used to provide galvanic isolation the primary circuit of a measuring or controlling circuit.
Instrument transformers designed for minimal influence / affect on the measured (primary) circuit and to minimise distortions of the measured signal`s shape and phase in proportion to its reflection to the secondary (measuring) circuit.
ELIZ LLC produces a wide range of instrument transformers in voltage classes 0,66-220kV and has ability, using its production, to satisfy fully all needs of productional and energy companies.
In particular, all kinds of switchgear equipment produced by ELIZ LLC. are fully equipped by own-produced instrument transformers, which is a guarantee of overall high quality level.

Instrument transformers Composition Voltage class, kV The main types Accuracy class
Current Dry cast 0,66 ТЗЛМ 10Р
6-10 ТОЛ, ТПЛ 0,2S
Oil immersed 35 ТФЗМ 0,2S
110-150 ТФЗМ 0,2S
Voltage Dry cast 6-10 ЗНОЛ, 3*ЗНОЛ, ЗНОЛП, 3*ЗНОЛП, НАЛИ 0,2
Oil immersed 6-10 НТМИ, НАМИ 0,2
35 НАМИ, ЗНОМ 0,2
110-220 НКФ 0,2