I need a product that is different from that described on your site. So it makes no sense to contact you?

Of course, there is a meaning. Any product, as agreed with the customer, can be made with parameters different from those specified on the website and/or in hard (electronic) copy of product catalog.

I`d like to replace old transformers (reactors) by new ones. Is it possible to make its fixing and connecting so that nothing should be changed: remove the old, put a new, connect and ready?

Our products are designed to meet existing compliance requirements to mass-dimensional parameters and connecting dimensions. If you have special requirements, we can modify our products on request, to meet your installation dimensions. If the subject of replacing is very old-released transformers (reactors), for which no longer manufactured even analogues, we can produce an adaptation kit.

How to get the price - list for your products?

We do not send the price list of products, we simply do not have it. Due to ever-changing circumstances, the unstable market situation, different (and changing) Privacy Policy regarding to different regions, rapidly changing monetary and exchange rate situation, creation of a price list with real prices, which you can really count on, in a given time, and even more so in the future, it is not possible.
Therefore, we practice an individual approach to every customer and every order.

Please contact us by phones, indicated in "Contacts" page or use "Ask question" feature. Our salesperson will contact you ASAP using a data you indicated.

What are the payment terms offered to buyers?

"Eliz" factory, usually offer to customers the following payment terms: 50% prepayment before we start production and another 50% before shipping products. Regarding to delivery times: it depends on the product and could vary from 20 to 90 days. In addition, the most demanded types of products are constantly available in our warehouse, such products are shipped within 2-3 days after 100% prepayment. You can get an information about availability of products at stock by phone call, using the phone number, indicated on the "Contacts" page -> Sales department" or using "Ask question" feature. Our salesperson will contact you ASAP using a data you indicated.

What is the shipment way of your production?

The products of "ELIZ" LLC plant are usually shipped by truck. In case if you buy the products on CPT, CIP, DAP (Incoterms 2010) delivery conditions, its transportation have to be provided by forces and for cost of "ELIZ" plant.
You have just to coordinate with us the arrival date of the truck with your products to unload, the demands to an unloading method, acceptance order and to provide presence the lifting and transport mechanisms.
If you buy on EXW or FCA delivery conditions, you have, in each separate case, to contact with your salesperson to agree the requirements for your transport, accounting dimensions, weight and lock method definetly for your products.
In case of relatively small size / weight of the ordered products, it is possible to arrange transportation using international delivery services, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx and so on, as agreed with the customer.
In exceptional cases, when it comes to very large, oversized and heavy goods, moving over very long distances, individual negotiation of transportation mode is possible and welcomed.

What is the standard equipment of power oil-immersed transformers 6-10 kV and what you need to request separately?

Three-phased, power, oil-immersed transformers ТМ, ТМГ type, by default are equipped with:
- Level indicators for monitoring the oil level in the tank;
- Thermometer of "ТКП" type (1000 kVA transformers and more);
- Buchholz relay, for visual inspection of the ejected gas, as well as for oil sampling (for transformers with a capacity of 1600 kVA or more);
- Voltage switch ПБВ having a 5-step control range with ± 2x2.5% of nominal;
- Device for rolling in the longitudinal and transverse directions (for transformers with a capacity of 1000 kVA and more);
- Contact clips to connect the transformers LV side (for transformers of 630 kVA or more, in the case of porcelain insulators application. By default, the transformers are equipped with polymeric HV and LV bushings, which do not require contact clips).
- If you require to equip the transformer by components is not mentioned here, or you need an equipment which is not installed by default, for such a power as you need, please consult with your manager and indicate it in the questionnaire.

Is it possible to use ТМГ type transformers instead of ТМ, ТМЗ, ТМФ type?

Yes, they are completely electrically interchangeable. It is only necessary to find out whether they meet the size and location of the transformer bushings. You can find out a dimentions in the product catalogue. To receive more detailed information, please contact to the sales department or use "Ask question" feature, and our salespeople will contact you ASAP using contact data you indicated.

What are the advantages of ТМГ transformers comparing to other designs?

Comparing with ТМ, ТМФ type transformers, a ТМГ transformer of the same capacity and with the same electric characteristics has less height dimention and weight, because of absence of expansion tank.

Furthermore, in terms of consumer benefit, the advantage of ТМГ design is in absence of operating costs over transformers lifetime (25 years or more). For other transformers, particularly ТМ or TMФ, the operational costs amount are up to 60% of the transformer initial value.
As for ТМЗ transformers, the ТМГ type analogs have a significantly lower price.
Therefore, if the size and location of the HV and LV allows you, the replacement of ТМ, ТМЗ, ТМФ type transformers on ТМГ type analogues is recommended.

What is the power dry transformers 6-10 kV standard equipment and what we need to negotiate separately?

Three-phase dry power transformers, capacity 1000kVA and more, are equipped by default:
- ТР-100 (БКТ-4 if requested) temperature control block with temperature sensors (3 pieces in LV windings, 1 piece on the the magnetic yoke);
- Rollers for movement.
For transformers of less power, the eabove mentioned equipment must be discussed separately.

Whether installation of anti-vibration dampers (shock mounts) mandatory?

Vibration dampers are used to reduce vibrations which power transformer transmits to the installation surface. Therefore, installing the shock mounts, not only decreases the transformer destructive vibrational effect on the supporting surface (floor), but also reduces the transformer self-destruction vibration factors (weakening magnetic tightening, the coils microcracks), which increases the lifetime of the transformer.

Are cooling fans really necessary for dry power transformers?

ЭЛИЗ dry power transformers are designed for operation without fans in the rated mode. But, out of practice, during peak load the power transformers are operated in overloaded mode. Besides, in hot weather, the calculated heat dissipation conditions can be violated (removing heat gradient falls) because of elevated ambient temperature.
Therefore, at presence the probability of short-term congestion or if peak ambient temperatures may be above the range of climatic performance, it is recommended to install air cooling on a dry transformer.
In case of 25% exceeding the rated power, 3 fans is installed, one for each phase, and in case of 40% exceeding - 6 fans, two for each phase.