27,5-35KV Single-phase power transformers ОМ, ОМГ type

ОМ, ОМГ type transformers, single - phase, oil-immersed, with natural oil circulation and matural air cooling, with HV reconnection in off-load mode (ПБВ), are designed to convert AC voltage 35kV (ОМ, ОМГ) or 27,5kV (ОМЖ) to middle (6-10kV) or low (0,66kV) AC voltage and for keeping the necessary voltage in the desired limits. They are dedicated for own consumption of industrial facilities, for common municipal needs and for railway drives.
Download the technical data list OprosnyyOM.doc [40 Kb] (downloads: 4) 

27,5-35kV Three-phase oil-immersed power transformers ТМ, ТМГ type

ТМ (with expansion tank), ТМГ (sealed) type oil-immersed power transformers with natural circulation of oil and natural air cooling, with off-load switching on HV side (ПБВ), are designed to convert AC voltage of 35 kV (ТМ, ТМГ), or 27,5 kV ТМЖ (railway standard) into average (6-10) or lower (0,66kV) voltage energy and to maintain the necessary voltage level in the entire distribution grids of general purpose and industrial consumers, as well as for railways.

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27,5-35kV Three-phase oil-immersed power transformer ТМН type

Three-phase oil-immersed power transformers ТМН (hereinafter referred to as "transformers") are designed to convert electrical energy in power supply grids, as well as to supply different consumers in AC 50 Hz.

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27,5-35kV Three-phase power transformers ТД, ТДН(С), ТРДН(С) type

ТД, ТДН(С), ТРДН(С) three-phase oil-immersed blow-cooled power transformers (hereinafter called as "Transformers") are designed to convert electrical energy of power supply grids, as well as to fed different consumers of AC 50 Hz, including auxiliary power plants needs.
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Three-phase converter transformers ТМП, ТРМП, ТРДП type

  The transformers with splitted windings of 12-phase bridge rectifier circuit are designed for electrified rail transport (with series connection of converter sections), metro and ground passenger electric.
  The transformers rated power range - from 4000kVA up to 25000kVA
  The transformers rated voltages - 6kV; 10kV; 27,5kV and 35kV.
  The specimen of technical data list TRMDP.doc [14,46 Kb] (downloads: 14). Due to wide options range, in each case, the data list coordination between "ELIZ" and customers technicians would be welcome.