Switchgears 6(10)kV

  1. Switchgears are intended for work in AC 50Hz electric installations, voltage class 6-10 kV, in mains with neutral wire insulated or grounded through arc suppression (Peterson) coils.
  2. Switchgears are applied in closed distributive devices, including an installations with frequent switching operations at the presence of vacuum circuit breakers cabinet.
  3. Switchgears climatic performance versions: УЗ and ТЗ as per GOST 15150.
  4. Rated values of climatic factors for normal operation - as per GOST 15543.1 and GOST 15150, wherein the ambient temperature range:
       а) for УЗ performance: -5°C to +40°C (without heaters), -25°C to +40°C (with heaters mounting in relay cabinet);
       б) for ТЗ performance: +1°C to +45°C (without heaters), -10°C to +45°С (with heaters mounting in relay cabinet).
  1. Altitude up to 1000m.

6-10 kV КРУ-10Э and КРУ-10ЭЦ - type high voltage cabinet

КРУ-10Э(Ц) - type high voltage cabinet is a complex switchgear, designed for income and distribution of three-phase AC 50-60Hz current in mains with a neutral wire insulated or grounded through arc suppression (Peterson) coils.
КРУ-10Э(Ц) are applied in closed switchgears (РУ) and in electric installations with frequent switching operations.

6-10 кВ Assembling chambers of unilateral service, types КСО 393, 393В, 210, 298

КСО is assembled Camera of unilateral service is intended for use in electrical installations of three-phase AC 50Hz and 60Hz, 6kV and 10kV voltage, for systems with neutral insulated or grounded through arc suppression (Peterson) coil.
From КСО cameras going switchgear, serving for electricity reception and distribution. The principle of operation is determined by a set of circuits of main and auxiliary circuit cameras.
The climatic performance У and Т, accomodation category 3 as per ГОСТ 15150.
The structure of КСО series includes a variety cameras of standard performance, differing by design, purpose and used sets of equipment.

6-10 kV The complex switchgear КРУН type for outdoors

КРУН (complex switchgear for outdoors) is designed for receiving and distribution of AC 50Hz three-phased electric power, 6 and 10 kV rated voltage, and for equipping switchgears and substations for 6 and 10 kV voltage.

6-10 kV Freestanding, complexed, switchgear cabinet ЯКНО (ПККЗ) type

Hi-voltage switchgears ЯКНО-6(10)-У1 type are designed for outdoor installation in the junction and trunk mains of mining quarries, as well as in places of connection to internal power mains of quarries, voltage 6(10)kV, 50 Hz.
ЯКНО - type switchgears can be made by request in movable version, mounted on sliding frames (skids), and in fixed version.
ПККЗ - type switchgears are made only in movable version, mounted on the skids.

6-10 kV Excavator cabinet КВЭ type

The КВЭ high-voltage cabinet is designed for mounting on mining shovels on a turntable in an unheated enclosed housing. It serves for receiving and distribution of three-phase AC power (the rated voltage 6(10) kV, the frequency 50, 60 Hz), as well as for protection of electrical short circuits and overloads. In addition, the КВЭ excavator cabinet function is operative switching of electrical circuits.

6-10 kV Packaged, gated power distribution facility КРПЗ type

The КРПЗ facility are metal construction which to be delivered to mounting place as a set of separate transportable units.
The units are equipped, during its manufacture, by КРУ fitted wardrobes, interconnections of main and auxiliary circuits, elements of air (high voltage) inlets and air or cable outlets.