SF6 current transformers of the TOГ series

Gas-insulated measuring current transformers TOГ are intended for use in alternating current electrical circuits with a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz in order to transmit a signal of measuring information to measuring, protection, automation, signaling and control devices.

The transformers are filled with SF6 gas and have a pressure monitor with a signaling device. At the request of the customer, it can be supplemented with an SF6 density sensor with a high and low level alarm. Our plant produces the following TOГ transformers:

ТОГ 123 (ТОГ 110), ТОГ 170 (ТОГ 150), ТОГ 245 (ТОГ 220), ТОГ 362 (ТОГ 330), ТОГ 525 (ТОГ 500), ТОГ 765 (ТОГ 750).

Design The design of the transformers provides for a safety device that does not allow an increase in excess pressure inside the transformer above 7 atm. The gas discharge through the safety device is directed upward, outside the area of ​​the operating personnel. Transformers are resistant to mechanical environmental factors in accordance with ГОСТ 17516.1 and can withstand seismic vibrations up to 8 points. Transformers completely replace oil-filled transformers in compliance with all technical characteristics and mounting dimensions.