110-150kV Three-phase two-windings oil-immersed power transformers ТМ, ТД type

Power range, kVA: 2500-6300 (ТМ); 10000-40000 (ТД).

Three-phase power oil transformers with natural oil circulation in the tank and natural (ТМ) or forced (ТД - blowing) air cooling are designed to convert electrical energy of power grids to reduce voltage to the level of local distribution networks, including industrial enterprises, as well as for auxiliary power. Type of voltage control - off-load (ПБВ) on HV side (switching without excitation), the control range - ± 2x2,5%.

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110kV Three-phase power transformers ТМН type

Three-phase power transformers ТМН type (hereinafter referred to as "Transformers") are designed for conversion of eletric power in energy grids, and also for feeding of a different consumers in 50Hz AC grids.

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110kV Three-phase power transformers ТДН, ТРДН type

ТДН, ТРДН three-phase, double-wound transformers with natural circulation of oil and forced air-blowing, with on-load high voltage regulation using tap changer (РПН), designed to convert AC voltage of 110 low-voltage power (6, 10 kV) and to maintain the necessary voltage level in the distribution grids in areas remote from industrial zone and for use in general purpose electrical grids.
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110kV Three-phase power transformers ТДТН, ТМТН type

ТДТН, ТМТН type transformers: three-phase, three-windings, with natural oil circulation and forced air blowing (ТДТН) or naturally air cooling (ТМТН), with on-load voltage regulation (РПН) on the HV (high voltage) side and off-load switching (ПБВ) on the MV (medium voltage) side. The transformers are designed to convert AC high voltage of 110 kV to medium voltage (35 kV) and low voltage (6-10 kV) power and maintaining a predetermined voltage level in the distribution grids of both industrial areas as well as in general purpose electric grids.