6-35 kV Oil-immersed, stepless adjustable arc suppression reactors (Peterson coils), РЗДПОМ type

РЗДПОМ is oil-immersed, grounding, arc suppression reactors on voltage class 6, 10, 27.5, 35 kV with smooth inductivity adjustment. The control is accomplished by a smooth change of the non-magnetic gap between of the movable rod discs. On request, they can be equipped with automatic control. The rated power range of reactors 120 to 1650kVAr, with 100V voltage signal wiring.
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Oil sealed arc extinguishing unit АДГМ(ADGM) for voltage 6-35kV

Oil sealed arc extinguishing unit АДГМ(ADGM) for voltage 6-35kV, which is an equipment consisting of a neutralizing transformer and an arc extinguishing reactor in one case. Oil arc extinguishing unit (hereinafter referred to as "unit"), designed to compensate for the capacitive component of the current during single-phase ground faults. The unit consists of an arc suppression reactor and a neutral-shaped transformer, placed in a common tank. The unit is manufactured for networks with a nominal voltage of 6-35kV, inclusive of 50 Hz, a decrease in the rate of voltage recovery in the damaged phase after extinguishing the grounding arc, decreasing the voltage during re-ignition of the arc and creating conditions for its self-extinguishinOutline drawings g.

6-35 kV Oil-immersed, by-step adjustable arc suppression reactors (Peterson coils), РЗДСОМ type

РЗДСОМ is oil-immersed, single-phase, by-step inductivity adjustable, arc suppression reactor (Peterson coil). The adjustment is provided by tap selector in off-load mode. The rated power range 115 to 3300kVAr and more, signal windings voltage up to 100V.
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6-35 kV Neutral forming transformers (zero sequence filters) ТМ, ТМГ type (ФМЗО analogue)

The filters are used for creation an artificial neutral point with a view to acceding to the arc suppression reactor (Peterson coil). Primary windings of the transformer are connected as Y with a neutral outlet, for connection the Peterson coil to. The secondary windings are connected in a closed triangle ( ∆ ), which provides small resistance of the transformer to zero sequence currents of mains.
The rated power range 100 - 2500 kVA.
For detailed information about technical data, please look at "ТМ transformers" or "ТМГ transformers".

6-35 кВ Three-phase oil-immersed shunt reactors of РТМ type

Three-phased shunt reactors with natural air cooling РТМ are designed for parallel connection to AC 50-60 Hz mains with purpose of capacitive current compensation. The reactors are intended for long-time operation outdoors.
The rated value of climatic factors - as per ГОСТ 15150-69 and ГОСТ 15543-70 for accomodation category 1 and performance У and УХЛ.
Altitude, not more: 1000 m.
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