0,66-10 kV Dry smoothing reactors СРОС(З), УРОС types

The reactors of СРОС(З), УРОС types are intended for smoothing ripples of the rectified current in converter circuits and supplied as a component in the motor drive circuits. The reactor is designed to operate in a temperate climate areas, in closed spaces with natural ventilation.

6-10 kV Dry current-limiting reactors РТОС, РТСТ, РТСТГ, РТСТУ types

Dry current - limiting reactors with natural air cooling are designed to limit short circuit surge currents in AC 50 Hz electric mains, with 6-10 kV rated voltage.
The reactors are connected in series with a power line and functioning as an additional inductive reactance to limit short circuit currents in electrical mains and maintaining the voltage level in case of electric short circuit.
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6-10kV Dry shunt reactors, type РТСШ(RTSSH)

A three-phase dry shunt reactor is designed for parallel connection to the network in order to compensate for the capacitive current. The reactor is designed to operate in areas with a temperate climate.