6-10kV Dry transformers of ТС, ТСЗ, ТСЗН, ТСЗС, ОС, ОСЗ types

  The transformers with air-barrier insulation are designed for electric power conversion in three-phase AC 50Hz electric grids and are installed in industrial facilities and municipal buildings with increased requirements in fire safety, explosive protection, environmental cleanliness. The advantage of the given transformers type is high reliability combined with advanced technical parameters and repairability.
  Due to big quantity of the possible versions of the product, please fill and agree with us the questionnaire OL-TS.doc [295 Kb] (downloads: 11).

6-20kV Three-phase dry cast insulation transformers ТС(З)ЛУ type (analogue ТСЗСЛУ, ТСЗГЛ)

  Three - phase dry cast power transformers is a kind of dry transformers which have one or more windings with cast resin insulation with compound based on epoxy resin with silica filler. 
  Designed for power conversion in electric power grid systems and consumers of AC 50Hz nominal frequency and are installed in commercial and public buildings, which have an increased requirements in terms of fire/explosion protection, environmental cleanliness.
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6-10kV Single-phase voltage transformers ОЛС, ОЛСП type

   The ОЛС, ОЛСП type transformers are designed for power industry and used for feeding a partitioning power items and automatic transfer switch (ATS) on 6-10 kV electric grids. Also, these transformers are components and intended for use in the complete switchgear (КРУ) for outdoor installation and can be used in AC electrical  frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz exposed to lightning surges, in conventional lightning protection measures, for power measurement, protection, automation, signaling and control circuits.

    The ОЛСП transformers feature is built-protective signaling safety device.

6-10kV Three-phase transformers ТСКС type

  Three-phase dry transformers of ТСКС type are special - purpose, has natural air cooling and designed for feeding switchgears own needs (КРУ cabinets).
Protection degree - IP00 under ГОСТ 14254.
  Power range: 10 – 40 kVA, HV voltage 6-10,5kV and LV voltage 0,23-0,4kV.
Windings scheme and connection group Y/Yn-0.
Please fill and agree with us the questionnaire: OL-TS.doc [295 Kb] (downloads: 11).

6-10kV Three-phase transformers ТСЗПУ, ТСЗПУ ГТ type

  The transformers of this series are designed for rectifier units of urban electric transport power supply systems. They perform electricity conversion in the power supply systems of on-ground urban passenger electric transport. According to their design solutions, the transformers of ТСЗПУ (ТСПУ) type are identical to the transformers type ТСЗ (ТС). The feature is the presence of equalizing reactor circuit and connections group is Y/Ynr/Ynr-0-6.
 The power range: 1000 kVA, 2000kVA, voltage HV - 6 kV, 10 kV.
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Furnace transformers ОС, ОСЗ, ОСУ, ОЭСУ, ТПТ - type

  Dry transformers for electric thermal equipment (electric furnace transformers) are used for feeding a resisting furnaces, ore-smelting, quenching, etc. furnaces. Most of these transformers with relatively low output voltages have an extremely high currents.
The power range 10-10000 kVA, number of phases 1 to 3, HV voltage 0,22-10kV, LV voltage 6-825V.
  Protection degree according to ГОСT 14254 - from IP00 to IP21, possible degree of protection up to IP34 as per customers request.
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