Dry power transformers

can be manufactured in single-phase or three-phase design, in voltage classes 0,66-20 kV and in power range 0,005-16000 kVA.
The transformers may be made in open version (IP00) and also in cover with IP21 - IP34 protection degree (according ГОСТ 14254-96) as per customers request.

The windings may be made in three performance versions:

1. Classic "dry" windings with thermal class F (ГОСТ 8865-93) - ТС, ТСЗ type transformers;

2. Windings with "NOMEX" type insulation, thermal class H (ГОСТ 8865-93) - ТСН, ТСЗН type transformers;

3. "Cast dry" windings, made by pouring of quartz-epoxy resin in a vacuum environment, thermal class F (ГОСТ 8865-93) ТСЛУ, ТСЗЛУ - type transformers.