0,66kV Single-phase transformers ОСМ, ОСТ, ОСОВ type

  Single-phase transformers ОСМ, ОСТ types are applied for power supply of electric drives operation, local lighting, signaling and automation circuits. Windings of all ОСМ, ОСТ and protected transformers on its basis (ОСЗ, ОСОВ type) are made from COPPER wire, and thus the transformers distinctive features are high electric characteristics and small dimentions. 

  According to customers request, transformers with any possible windings and tappings combinations both as for power, as for voltage.
The transformers in closed performance (ОСОВ, ОСЗ type) and up to 20kVA power may be manufactured.

0,66 kV Three-phase dry power transformers ТСЗИ, ТСУ type

  The transformers of this series with natural air cooling are designed for power supply (in continuous on-load mode) of electric hand tools, local lighting, etc., and have to be plugged in to three-phase AC 50Hz power supply with voltage up to 660V.

0,66kV ТС, ТСЗ, ОС, ОСЗ type transformers

  The transformers are designed for installation into general-purpose electric devices, for various fields of industry, agriculture, urban municipal services etc.

0,66kV Three-phase converters transformers ТСП, ТСЗП, ТСЗВ

  The transformers of this series are used to supply rectifying stands of electrolysis plants in non-ferrous metallurgy and chemical industry (if necessary using leveling and smoothing reactors); in the valve electric drive devices; valve exciter for synchronous machines; arc devices.
Connection scheme and group − Δ/Y-11.
  Pritection degree as per ГОСТ 14254 - from IP00 to IP21, and IP34 - under customers request and after mutual coordination.
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Furnace transformers ОС, ОСЗ, ОСУ, ОЭСУ, ТПТ - type

  Dry transformers for electric thermal equipment (electric furnace transformers) are used for feeding a resisting furnaces, ore-smelting, quenching, etc. furnaces. Most of these transformers with relatively low output voltages have an extremely high currents.
The power range 10-10000 kVA, number of phases 1 to 3, HV voltage 0,22-10kV, LV voltage 6-825V.
  Protection degree according to ГОСT 14254 - from IP00 to IP21, possible degree of protection up to IP34 as per customers request.
Download questionnaire OprosnikPechnoy.doc [45 Kb] (downloads: 7) for further negotiation.