6-10 kV Dry cast current transformers ТОЛ, ТПЛ, ТПОЛ,ТЛШ type

Current transformers ТОЛ-Э-12, ТПЛ-Э-12, ТШЛ-Э-12 types are designed for AC scale conversion with a view to its further measure and (or) transmission to protection, automation, alarm or control devices in AC 50Hz electric circuits at 6-10 kV voltage class.
The range of rated primary currents 5 - 1000A, rated secondary current 5A, the number of secondary windings - up to 4, rated secondary load with power factor cosφ = 0,8 - 10VA for measuring, 15VA for protection needs.
Accuracy classes for measuring windings - 0,2S - 5P; to protective windings - 5P - 10P.

0,66 kV Null-sequence (residual) current transformers, ТЗЛМ type

The transformers are designed for connection to relay circuits for protection against earth fault of the individual cores of three-phase cable through transformation of the arisen null-sequence (residual) current and may be installed on the cables with diameter up to 70mm - for ТЗЛМ-Э-0,66-01,

with diameter up to 100mm - for ТЗЛМ-Э-0,66-02,

and with diameter up to 200mm - for ТЗЛМ-Э-0,66-03.

0,66 kV Bus current transformers type TШЛ-0,66-III

Current transformer type TШЛ-0.66-III is a cast busbar current measuring transformer. The main purpose is to transmit a signal of measuring information to instruments and measuring devices, protection and automation relays in AC networks with an industrial frequency of 50 or 60 Hz, for a rated voltage of up to 660 V.